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I appluade the Alliance members efforts. I can remember back in the early 1980's when we campaigned hard to get public access. We were able to get a minority that had a company Jim Wade, to receive a contract and access to the market.

30 yrs later The Wade cable company has been sold and the community is just getting access. The Wade cable company was to help with equipment, and other items that would create a viable public access network.

I'm glad to have to rise out of the ashes to help us air our feelings and began dialog like what this group will become.

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Thanks Bob. I know that every member here has a keen interest in making sure that our newly minted public access tv is a success. From Todd at MMP and Tony at the Actors Lounge ... they will need content and it will be folks like us that will be best positioned to help make it a multiplicity of voices. Last Friday we shot our first public affairs show episode in over 18 months in partnership with Evolve Productions. It should be on the site next week. We're trying to keep the running time for the programs at 22 minutes so that they can be easily formated for TV. What is everyone working on right now?
Harry, I would like to get my son Ronald involved, in very small way. To audit the work and lead me into the area of production. He has undergrad degree in theater arts and does, acting, lighting directing and other areas of production. He is currently unemployed leaving USAIRWAYs manager position as to be available , volunteering in the field of his study.

He does have a job interview on Monday Feb 4th in malvern pa reference his field. But he would be good on our team
It great that we have public access finally... The Harmonious Volunteer Center has been an advocate organization during the struggle and good works performed by the alliance. However, we are some what curious, since we don't know who to contact to provide content material. What we have done at our organization is to continue to purchase media formats such as television, radio, digital internet radio, newsprint in order to communicate to the public at large. if anyone knows who to contact, please advise me. Irvin B. Shannon, Executive Director, 215-382-3469.


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