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MACHINIST KVI is a leader in the Aerospace and Medical Device marketplace. We are seeking a talented, innovative, high spirited, experienced and motivated CNC Machinist to perform Set Up and operating of highly complex mill turn machines and Swiss s [...]

CDL Class A Drivers, Home Daily/weekly pay (Bensalem)

Do you have your CDL class A with verifiable experience? Do you enjoy making good money? Do you enjoy being treated with respect and not just being treated as just another driver? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you owe it to yo [...]

Great Pay & Work When You Want -- Become a Grubhub Delivery Driver (philadelphia)

Deliver Food with Grubhub - Great Pay & Flexible Hours!! Grubhub Delivery Drivers work when they want and make great money when they do. All orders are prepaid, just pick them up and deliver them to hungry diners. No waiting in line or fumbling w [...]

No experience? No worries. Drive with Uber and get PAID WEEKLY! (philadelphia)

How can you start earning $588/week in fares? Why drive with Uber? Signing up takes just minutes! Payment directly deposited to your bank account weekly Uber drivers in Philadelphia are making $588/week in fares on their own s [...]

Seeking Licensed PA Nail Technicians (Philadelphia)

Hello Nail Technicians, I offer manicures and pedicures to individuals from the comfort of their own home or any specified, convenient locations for them. My company is registered in PA as an L.L.C. Visit to learn more. It [...]

Reported Issues In Philadelphia (

abandoned house

Address: 614 W Rittenhouse St Pa 19144 USA
Rating: 2

house has been vacant for 4 year. Previous owner was a hoarder and is filled with stuff to the ceiling

Fire Egress Cemented Over

Address: 1112-20 Lombard St Philadelphia PA 19147-1231, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rating: 2

The Owner of 1112-20 LOMBARD ST,Philadelphia, PA 19147-1231 cemented over our(1124 thru 1134 1/2) fire egress that has always been there. There is an easement on his property that allows for it. It now blocks our lower level means of accept. It also makes our townhouses unsaleable.

tree leaning

Address: 1155 Overington Street 19124 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rating: 3

tree across the street and been slowly leaning over the years and branches fall when it rains and they are also touching the wires from the poles. have reported many times to no avail. have also sent photos and nothing has been done. Features

Meet Hella Chluy, Ambassador Of Cambodia Town

Hella Chluy is a Brooklyn-based comedian and rapper whose specialty is doing parodies of popular hip-hop tracks — a Cambodian-American, hip-hop Weird Al, if you will. So how is it that, at present, he is the Internet’s most visible ambassador to Philadelphia’s Cambodia Town section of South Philly, down near 6th and Moyamensing? Pure love, that’s how. (N.B.: “Cambodia Town” isn’t an official moniker yet, but it seems likely that it will be.)

In the straight-to-viral clip, “Cambodia Town,” posted to Chluy’s social channels just days ago, he sings the praises of the Cambodia Town he’s learned to call home — even if he has to commute to get that Khmer Kitchen heat. (He’s also somewhat of a culinary authority on the area — see his clip with Chef Chris Cho farther down in this post.) The track — an inspired riff on Drake’s “Controlla” — is a sweet, funny homage to an area (too) many Philadelphians don’t know exists. As “Cambodia Town” pushes 250K views in a matter of days, it feels like that’s about to be corrected. We chatted with Chluy to find out more.

Where are you from? What's your connection to Cambodia Town in Philly?

I'm from Seattle, WA, but have been residing in Brooklyn, NY for 6 years now. Being from the Seattle, there is a big Cambodian community, and me living in NYC now, we don't have a big community. So with Philly being only a 1.5 hr drive away, it’s the closest thing to home. Also, my director/partner Jeff Lek, better known as Planetary P lives in Camden NJ, so we go to Philly a lot to film videos in the community and I have a strong [presence] in South Philly. Come to think of it, most of my videos are shot in Philly, on 6th and 7th street. You can watch them all at

What was the inspiration to do a “Controlla” parody — how did Drake's original inspire to take “Controlla” in a different direction?

I was inspired by “Controlla “because that happens to be my fav song on Drake’s latest album, Views, which I didn't really like as much as older albums. But “Controlla” stuck out because of the catchiness in the melodies, and the beat has a nice dancehall vibe with an infectious chorus that you find yourself singing along to all day all long. I specialize in parodies, so the hook "Cambodia Town" just kind of came out while I was freestyling over the original. I then went online and downloaded the beat, wrote my lyrics, recorded the song in my home studio and shot a video for it in hopes to encourage the community to realize what they have, and to somehow support them and help them push for that official Cambodia Town stamp. Even though I'm not from Philly, I represent it like it’s my own town because the people there make feel at home. Shout out the community leaders such as K. Naroen Chhin of Philadelphia Cambodia Town group, who has been supporting my craft and bringing me out to perform in May at the Cambodia Town block party. It was a fun experience and I look forward to doing more events for the community. 

What has the reaction been like?

The reaction has been overwhelming. The video is now pushing 250K views on Facebook in less than 4 days and for the most part, the comments have been positive from not just Cambodians but the other ethnicities that live in the community. And of course, there are some negative comments but that’s what comes with viral content and the negative comments don't bother me at all. I'm used to it by now.

What are the music and culinary scenes like coming out of Cambodia Town? It seems like you're a pretty good authority on both.

The culinary scene is vibrant. The food is amazing and authentic and they don't cater to the mass population. They keep the ingredients as authentic has the homeland, so it doesn't matter if you're a Cambodian from any other part of the world, you can go to South Philly and order a dish and it will taste just like mom's cooking. Some of my favorite places to eat are Khmer Kitchen, I HEART Cambodia, Mifflin Square park street vendors who sell grilled lemon grass beef sticks and stuffed lemon grass wings (My favorite) and Sweet Khmer Basil, just to name a few. Also, for nice refreshing drink on a hot summer day, you can walk to 6th and Moyamensing for the signature sugar cane drink at Boba and company. 

What else are you up to right now? Performing in Philly anytime soon?

Right now, I'm on my grind trying be more consistent where it’s a comedy skit or a music video and I'm always looking for performance opportunities and travel, also collaborations with other creatives. I haven't been booked recently yet for any Philly performances but I'm open for all business opportunities. 

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What To Do When John Oliver Uses Your City As An Example Of Everything That's Dumb About America

Must you, Facty McOwlperson? Must you?

Must you, Facty McOwlperson? Must you?


So your city has been clowned by the harshest/most-fact-checked serial burner in America! Owie. Well, here in Philadelphia, we know how that feels. Why, if it wasn’t for the charter school schemes and DNC and civil forfeiture here in Philly, you meddling kids never would have been the wiser! We kid: In all actuality, Philly is a food truck festival’s worth of corruption with ne’er-do-wells lurking in every hammock on every rooftop bar that used to be a school. And it was only a matter of time before someone noticed. That it was Mr. Oliver who noticed your sorry town is both an honor and a real testament to the fact that so often, nobody else is even looking. With that in mind, some handy advice to get you through when one day, it happens to you — if only because sooner or later, John Oliver is bound to run out of Philadelphia. (Probably later.)

1.    Relax, and let your defenses down. We know you probably think that your city is the best city and anyone who disagrees is a big jerk. Please, avoid this tendency. Where you live probably sucks. That’s just numbers. Even if not, what good will it do you to get angry, at this point? Suck it up, here comes the burn unit.

2.    Forgive the occasionally pedestrian stock jokes about your city. Boy, can we speak to this: Here in Philly, we’ve got the cheesesteak jokes, the batteries-at-Santa legend and a Rocky rainbow of garbage that we’re never, ever gonna live down. And comedians have lots of minutes to fill and if you’ve got a tight 30 to do every week like John Oliver does, you better believe he’s gonna put some whiz on that.  So do what noted backhair wig model and sports commentator Ed Rendell does: Embrace it. Eat the hoagie lest the hoagie eat you.

3.    Listen to what is actually being said. Week in and week out, Last Week Tonight is perhaps the biggest fact-bomb on television. Only Rachel Maddow tops Oliver for sheer geekery. If your home city’s bullshit has made it to the 11pm Sunday night slot on HBO, you best believe there’s a reason for it. What you hear may shock you in its news-to-you-ness, but here’s another fact-bomb: If it does shock you in this way, that’s probably because your local newspaper either went under or laid off whoever used to report on the boring local government shit.

4.    Grieve a little. The place you love is fucked, son. And it just got clowned, hard and true. That’s sad. Just let yourself feel that, though; it’s okay to be sad sometimes.

5.    Accept the home truths that are on offer, and, if you can bear it, see their purpose as possible tools for change. Because, hey, Oliver does get results, kinda. But also look within: Did you see what Philly did with that towing scam just yesterday? We social-media howled it straight to Action News and the Attorney General’s office (if we still have one of those, check Last Week Tonight to make positively sure.) Imagine if we put the energy we put into parking into some shit that actually matters. IT COULD BE LIKE CANADA HERE!

All of this is to say, when the HBO (Hooty Brit Owl) comes-a-knockin’: Lay down and take it. Don’t piss and whine and certainly don’t counterpunch, because no one, at the end of the day, no one can outpunch facts. Not a salty Brit, nor a spilly winebox bag full of self-tanner that has tiny hands that can only beat off and rearrange facts. No, friends, John Oliver harshing on your city is an act of love. Accept it as such.

This Is Some Of The Best Tasting Air That Philadelphia Has Ever Had In My Lifetime

I'd go so far as to put it on par with, say, Mt. Airy, 1976. You should go out tonight and get a few gulps.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Daily News


Medical Office Space Available

Rancocas Valley Professional Arts Building: Medical Office Space Available


3AB - 1644 SF 

3CD - 1644 SF  

Medical Office Space Available in a thriving Medical Arts Building on Hospital Campus Located in Willingboro, NJ minutes from the NJ Turnpike, I-295 and the Route 130 Corridor, the Rancocas Valley Professional Arts Building sits on a bustling hospital campus, and is home to a variety of specialties.

Call 267-242-5628 for more information.

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